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  Sexual Addiction: No Laughing Matter  

The topic of sexual addiction predictably provokes contemptuous laughter from individuals unfamiliar with the phenomena it represents. Adolescent smirking or moralistic skepticism are the usual responses on the part of those who do not understand addiction. Although public awareness and acceptance of the disease model of alcoholism has made great strides in the past few decades, a similar understanding of other manifestations of the addictive process has lagged behind - especially in the case of sexual addiction.

The word addiction derives from the Latin root addictere, 'to be bound to another,' i.e. enslaved. What appears to observers as undisciplined and immoral self-indulgence in the irresponsible pursuit of pleasure is experienced by the addict as a progressively burdensome and frequently destructive entrapment from which suicide sometimes seems the only escape. Whether the manifestation of the addictive process be alcohol, drugs, food, spending, gambling, sex or a combination of behaviors, the victim of the addictive process is enslaved and bound to another: his addiction. See the following articles for more information about the psychology and process of addiction and recovery:

It is a bitter irony that most moralistic and condemning responses toward the addict derive in large measure from the envious misconception that the addict is more free than he ought to be, and that because he enjoys forbidden pleasures denied to others he merits censure and punishment for his transgressions. Popular resentment towards addicts stems from the belief that it's not fair for the addict to get away with excesses and indulgences that non-addicts deny themselves - supposedly out of due regard for morality and propriety.

The irony is that addiction is its own punishment - hence the addict pays for his sins not only by the obvious and cumulative external consequences of his addictive behavior, but by the constriction and deformity of his lifeworld itself by the pathological and inescapable dominance of his addictive compulsions and obsessions. Far from being more free and thus the legitimate target of envy by others, the addict is unfree, a prisoner of his insatiable drives and appetites.

The websites and files in this section will introduce you to the concepts and behaviors associated with sexual addiction. It will be apparent to anyone with a reasonably open mind that such phenomena, far from representing mere immoral hedonistic self-indulgence, are pathological and indeed irrational to the highest possible degree. Individuals caught in the toils of the addictive process are sick people who, not understanding what is going on with them, judge themselves with the same degree of ignorant disgust that is still the default mode of society at large. 


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Dr. Carnes is a nationally known speaker and pioneer in the field of sexual addiction. His work has brought hope and understanding to millions of people seeking to overcome the power of their addictions. An award winning author, his work has been described as —simply the best available on addiction and its consequences.‚ Dr. Carnes is the Clinical Director of Sexual Disorder Services at The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona.

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